The Work Room

Our workroom has some of the state of the art machines to make your draperies in the most customized way possible. We have over 100+ books to go through and guaranteed to find your desired look. Not sure where to begin? Contact us today to book your complimentary design consultation with one of our in house consultants.

Modern Sheers

Sheer curtains are a perfect match for rooms where you want to preserve views and natural light. They will instantly add a bright and airy vibe to any space. We have over 100+ fabrics to choose from!

Modern Blackouts

Great choice for theatre rooms, bedrooms or any space where you want to block the light while showcasing rich luxurious fabrics. These fabrics also help with cooling/heating. Call us today to learn more about blackouts and its benefits.

Classics - Never Go Wrong

Playing with Neutral tones and linen textures are the most common way to dress windows and instantly add a touch of opulence. You can control light by choosing different opacity fabrics. We have great collections of wide width fabrics for your classic draperies. Visit our showroom today to explore colors & textures for all your window coverings needs!

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